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Who We Are




Visiting Scholars


Board of Directors

Board of Advisors

International Advisory Council



Randall Schriver, President and CEO

Mark Stokes, Executive Director

Ian Easton, Research Fellow

Rachael Burton, Deputy Director


Cheery Zahau, Country Program Director (Myanmar)

Emily David, Fellow

David Gitter, Director of the Party Watch Initiative

Mi-Young Lee,Visiting Fellow

Raechan Song,Visiting Fellow


Kelsey Broderick

Julia M. Famularo

Amanda C. Morrow Jensen

Jenny Lin

Tiffany Ma

Isabella Mroczkowski

Prashanth Parameswaran

Sabrina Tsai

Past Visiting Scholars

Seung Gyu Bak, Visiting Fellow

Pearly Chen, Visiting Fellow

York Chen, Visiting Scholar

Jessie Chou, Visiting Fellow

Sara Yi-ying Lin, Visiting Fellow

Siti Nurjanah, Visiting Scholar

Sugio Takahashi, Visiting Scholar

Hui-fen Miao,Visiting Fellow



Dee Wu, Intern

Gary Wang, Intern

Board of Directors

Ian Brzezinski, Former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense

Rodney Faraon, Crumpton Group

Price Floyd, BAE Systems USA

John Gastright, DynCorp International

Rupert Hammond-Chambers, US-Taiwan Business Council

Ted Hobart, Chart Venture Partners

Randall Schriver, Project 2049 Institute


Board of Advisors

Jasmeet Ahuja, Yale University

David Asher, Anchin Capital Advisors

Dan Blumenthal, American Enterprise Institute

Larry Estrada, Goldman Sachs

James Mulvenon, Center for Intelligence Research and Analysis

Stewart Verdery, Monument Policy Group

Phoebe Yang, Russell Reynolds Associates



International Advisory Council

Tetsuo Kotani, Japan Institute of International Affairs

Andrew N.D. Yang, Chinese Council of Advanced Policy Studies

Ho Szu-yin, Professor, Political Science Department, National Chengchi University

Andrew Shearer, Former Senior Policy Advisor to Australian Prime Minister

Hsiao Bi-Khim, Taiwanese Legislator

Yeling Tan, Harvard University




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